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Lagging in multiplayer? Found why!

Have you experienced lagging in Arcanum multiplayer? I think that Arcanum is very famous for this unpleasant feature :) but I’ve found out why that happens and also I’ve found a solution how to avoid that.

So why is Arcanum multiplayer so lagging? Its simly because of that multiplayer was designed for LAN only, where speed of data transfer is at least 10Mbit/s, so they used TCP protocol to transfer data from server to client and back…

Whats bad about TCP in Arcanum? simply, TCP waits till data are tranfered, so it freezes whole application when data tranfer is not running in own thread (In Arcanum, threads are used, but game still waits for reply from player) .

What that all means? It means that speed of server is not depending only on server internet speed, but it also heavily depends on speed of connected players.

For example, if your server will be running on 10Mbit connection, and somebody who has 56KBit modem connects to your server(will have a very low ping), will slow down your server to 56KBit as well…  and of course this will make game completely unplayable.

How to avoid lagging? Simply, let play only players who has a low ping, less than 100msec, this will decrease amount of lagging significantly.

Also I’m going to fix few things in Arcanum multiplayer, so if I succeed, I’ll release small multiplayer patch, that will include this bug fix as well.

Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-07-16 16:24:28 | Posted in: Research
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