Dedicated server - Post requests here!

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Dedicated server - Post requests here!

Post by Crypton » Sat May 22, 2010 11:24 pm

Today I've launched our first dedicated server, only for playing Arcanum online, so now you can play with friends without hamachi or public ip address.

Server is running on own computer, with "fast" internet connection, download is 40Mbit and upload is 10Mbit, ping should be max 80 msec, but it of course depends also on your internet connection and number of players connected.

Also, server will be active 24/7, however, at beginning it will be started only at request, so it wont be running for nothing.
You can post your requests in this topic, or you can contact me via jabber (crypton at

If you want to know if our server is running, without starting Arcanum, just look at our main site:

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