Bloodshed On The Docks!

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Bloodshed On The Docks!

Post by Blaze656 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:21 pm

Bloodshed On the Docks!

Today at the crack of dawn, heavily armed police stormed the gates of what seemed to be an understaffed warehouse in the docks district.
The tragedy they found inside has become an all too common story in this era of magic-fuelled criminality and chaos.
Hundreds of orcish tribesmen were found chained to workbenches,
crushing the crystals used in the new magical drug "Anville", using wooden tools, or even their bare hands.
Their captors opened fire immediately upon police to cover their escape;
But thanks to the expert marksmanship of the police forces, only a small percentage of the orc captives were killed in the ensuing firefight and all of the slavers were gunned down like the monsters they were.

The orcish captives, as of the time of writing are still waiting to be marked and processed in preparation for release into the wild, where a local tribe has altruistically agreed to take them in.

A police officer overseeing the lines of freed captives, under condition of anonymity had this to say: "Yeah, this is the fifth one we've found this month. I swear it's like we keep catching 'em and throwing 'em back only to catch 'em again. They all look the same, what can I say? Whatever, anyways it's payday so lets wrap this up aright?"

Payday indeed. The wages of slavery in the Tarantian Republic are eroded ethics and swift justice.

(cont'd on page 8)

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