The Music For OpenArcanum

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Re: The Music For OpenArcanum

Post by Xayvong » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:51 pm

Hey there. I'm brand new here...
Hey! Welcome to the Arcanum Alive forums!
But I'm a musician and have started pondering the idea of an Arcanum sequel and what not. Now, I started a few ideas in my head for a storyline for the sequel and a bit of music got inspiered. I thought I should post it here and see what you guys think of it and how it could fit in this project of yours. So here is a link to my song:
Interesting piece, I think this would fit in a dungeon theme perfectly, it gets a bit loud at the 2 min mark though, but that can be easily fixed.
I also have done a Cover of the Arcanum main theme:
Again, a whole different energy, also sparked by the whole seqel of the future of Arcanum thing.

Anyway, I don't yet have a clue about the workings of this group here, and I'm just throwing out my songs to demonstrate what kind of stuff I make. I'm hoping you guys will tell me how well will my work fit in this project of yours.

Peace out...
Very nice, I like the guitar and the whole moody atmosphere. Crypton basically plans on using as much as he can, so if we keep pumping out the tunes, he'll keep note of them. The more we have to work with the better ;)

Keep it up! I think it's about time I put up a new piece I've been working on here pretty soon. :think:

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Re: The Music For OpenArcanum

Post by soshial » Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:47 pm

Hey, how are your musical endeavours doing? ;)
I liked two Xayvong's tracks (although they still need to be polished)... that is a very interesting direction to go!!