Tutorial: How to add speech to dialogs in Arcanum.

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Tutorial: How to add speech to dialogs in Arcanum.

Post by Crypton » Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:35 pm

That's me again!:D

A few days ago, Zeratchi has asked me one question, how its possible to add new speech to dialogs without them, you know many dialogs are dumb, honestly I did not knew.

So was searching a bit, and actually its pretty easy :)

What you need to do?

-Find dialog you want to give speech, dialogs are saved in 'dlg' folder in Arcanum folder, they has file extension '*.dlg' which is text file, for those which dont know this already :)

Let's say that you want to give speech to Chukka's dialog, this is saved in file 'dlg\01166ChukkaDialog.dlg'. Notice a 5 digit number at beginning, this is DialogID. Open this dialog file with your favorite text editor, notepad for example.

-Now go folder 'Modules\Arcanum\Sound\Speech\', and create folder with same name as DialogID, so new folder will look like 'Modules\Arcanum\Sound\Speech\01166\'.

-Now copy your audio files with speech into this folder.

-Now switch back to text editor, select line you want to give speech, I'll select for example second line:
{2}{Chukka kill!}{Chukka kill!}{}{}{}{ }

-Now we add speech to this line, but first you need to know structure of this line, let's say that its array of strings, first is line index, second is text for male player, third is text for female player, and fourth is speech FileID, which we need to edit.

-Now we generate filename for speech file, this file must be saved in mp3 format, and format of filename is this:

FileName = 'v' + FileID + '_m.mp3';

*FileID could be any decimal number, and this number we will add into dialog file.
*Letter 'm' before file extension means gender, could be 'm' or 'f'.

In our case, when FileID = 1, generated file will look like 'Modules\Arcanum\Sound\Speech\v1_m.mp3'

Now, find your audio file you want to add to this line, and rename it to this generated FileName.

-Now edit selected line, change fourth section to your FileID, so final line will look like:
{2}{Chukka kill!}{Chukka kill!}{}{1}{}{ }

-Finally save dialog file, now you can test it while playing :)

That's all :dance:

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