New content - Info, rules and tips

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New content - Info, rules and tips

Post by Crypton » Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:39 am

Hello everyone,

This topic is dedicated to those who wants to create, share or just recommend a new content for the OpenArcanum. Before you ask any question, please read the rest of this topic first.


What kind of content can I post here?

Simply any game-related content:
  • 2D images, 3D models, textures, biped animations, etc. It can be any *suitable* image or model of some weapon, character, vegetation, etc.
  • Audio files, such as effects and music
  • Website links to freeware asset libraries, tips, tutorials, ideas
Every content you share here could be end up in the game.

What will happen to content that couldn't be used in the game?

Don't worry, your creations will be used somehow, in expansion pack or mods, so you won't definitely waste your time.

What if I don't want make my creations public?

You can send your files directly through a private message to me, or any other team member. We won't then share or redistribute it, without your permission.

Posting rules

1. Post only content that were released as freeware. If the content isn't yours, then you should also post the author's name and optionally the website where you've downloaded it from.

2. Post only content which is suitable and could be used in game. In case that it's a graphics content, it should have a medieval/steam/punk theme, nothing modern, but that's also target for a discussion, so if you are a bit unsure, post it anyway, so it may be discussed.

3. Don't forget to post a short description of that content and optionally also a preview image, in case it's a graphic content.

4. Always pack your files into a ZIP archive and optionally also attach some license file into the archive.

5. Always upload your stuff at some freeware file hosting service. You can post download link in topic, or you can send it in PM to somebody who is in team, if you don't want to make your stuff public.

Useful tips

...for beginner developers and contributors.

Tip #1 - Try to search in some free libraries, if you find something that looks that it might just fit into the game, or is easy to edit to look like that, don't hesitate to share your findings with us.

Tip #1 - If you want to recreate some item from game, it's better to remodel that item in some 3D modeling software like Blender, Milkshape 3D or Autodesk 3DS Max, etc., because if you create a 3D model, it could be then differently used many times in the game, animations, videos, etc.

Tip #2 - If want to create a 3D model of NPC, it's best to use 3D modeling software which supports a biped animations, because the final character could be easily animated without much of effort.

Tip #3 - If you want to give to your model a medieval steampunk theme, try to use some rusty, dirty, grunge, metal, woody textures and materials, but you better see some tutorial before.

Useful websites

How to setup isometric camera in 3ds Max:

Game Content Resources - ... _Resources (Contains many website links!)
Links to free 3D models - ... =dateadded

Free 3D models:
Here is a list of recommended websites which provides some 3D models for free. It might be a good place where to search for any new graphics content. Models are provided in various formats, thus some conversion might be needed. ... e_size=200 (Requires free registration)

Free motion capture anims: ... y_id=19053

Our member, rroyo, recommends: (You have to register, but there's an extensive freebee section with everything from backgrounds to clothing to scenery pieces.)

Images of historical weapons:
I've been searching for some high-res images of historical weapon that I can use for modeling, where every weapon has photo from different views and has some details, and I found few interesting sites which has a lot of these... so you don't need to search, because it took me more than a hour to find this sites. (Sword, Pistols, Rifles) (Rifles) (Pistols) (Various, modeled in 3DS Max)

If you find any useful website, please don't forget to mention it here.

Thank you for reading this text, have a nice day! ;)

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Re: New content - Info, rules and tips

Post by Crypton » Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:57 am

Here is a very large collection of 3D stuff:

However, I'm not sure if it's content is copyrighted or not. It appears legal. :think:

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Re: New content - Info, rules and tips

Post by Zeratchi » Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:25 pm


I would at least recommend the following site for those looking for inspiration, it contains melee and ranged weapons, and some clothing:

And also:
It contains a bit of everything really, pretty cool collection :D

And while I was browsing I found the 'ranged' version of automaton, I thought that the very idea of a ranged automaton is awesome: ... 18-1-0-504

I must point out that even though the ranged version of automaton already exists in the world of Arcanum, it seems like there is a bug preventing it from 'flowering' as creating one with schematics will just make the regular melee automaton. (From my own experience and others.)
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