Development Report #4 (20.9.2009)

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Development Report #4 (20.9.2009)

Post by Crypton » Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:08 am

Yep, now you see that progress report comes every week at sunday :)

-Finished sector loader, still skip some data, but they are not needed now.
-Added terrain loader, including decoder, so its possible to load correct sectors for selected map.
-Added map class, which contain preloaded sectors, terrain and other map properties.
-Added several help functions.
-Added classes for base, scenery, portal and wall objects. (Including loading)
-Fixed some bugs, replaced index access to iterator in all sources.

Plans for next week:
-Fix some known bugs in sources.
-Work on objects and finish implementation for every object type.
-Add sprite renderer, it means move renderer outta sprite class and add software mode.
-Add support to sprite class for 8 bit art, without converting to 32 bit (need shaders for that).

PS: This report does not include a jobs that were made by Radzh at Qt version. ;)


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