[REL] MultiArcanum v0.1

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[REL] MultiArcanum v0.1

Post by Crypton » Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:07 pm

-This is obsolete, you should use UltimateArcanum module instead (but it still lack of English support, so if you want to play in English, play with MultiArcanum).

Here is promised MultiArcanum :dance:

Its first version so it may be buggy, if you find some, you know what to do :shifty:


This pack will convert singleplayer module Arcanum.dat to multiplayer compatible,
so you can play singleplayer scenario in multiplayer game.

There is few files that were automatically generated while conversion, and these are:

#Multiplayer - Locations.txt - Contains new map locations, and player start locations.
#Patched scripts.txt - List of scripts that were changed somehow.
#Renamed mobs.txt - Some of mobs were needed to be renamed, its list of renamed mobs.

Please read installation notes before any action...
Version 0.1:
-First version
-Merged all maps into one
-Patched sectors
-Patched mobile objects
-Patched scripts, only teleport location
-Fixed WorldMap bitmaps
-Fixed WorldMap feature in multiplayer
-Fixed teleporting, teleport will work now like in singleplayer
+Added AutoEquip.mes
<Known bugs>
-On client side, teleporting is not working.... will be fixed soon.
<How To Help>
-If you find or fix any bugs please contact me at "crypton@game-alive.com" or check our forums, I'll fix or add your
fixed files to this pack and of course that I'll credit you here and at website as well. Thank you!:)
Do you have any? please join to forums, and visit this subforum "viewforum.php?f=13",
then create a new topic with your suggestion. Or you can PM me as well...

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