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we have a brand new ”Downloads” and ”Links” sections on this website. More than 5GiB of Arcanum-related content and 50 links to Arcanum-related websites are already available, much more are coming soon. If you wish to upload any file, or add a new link, contact me, and I’ll do it for you.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2012-11-21 05:36:36 | Posted in: WebLinks
ArcanumBeta v1.0 - Beta Content Restoration Pack

A few weeks ago, a new module for Arcanum were released – ArcanumBeta v1.0. It’s a beta content restoration pack, the download link and more info can be found at our forums here: Click.

Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2011-01-18 15:38:48 | Posted in: Downloads
qtScribe v0.8 - Arcanum Editor

A new version of qtScribe editor were released today, for more info, download and bug report, checkout out our forums -> here.

Dont forget to say thanks to radzh for this tool!


Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-11-14 19:57:31 | Posted in: Downloads
ArtGen v0.1 - Art Creator

First version of ArtGen tool is out, now you can easily create new Art files from images.

For more info and download visit our forums.


Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-11-08 22:37:12 | Posted in: Screenshots
ArcVoice 0.1 - Tool for voice acting

To help to those who wants to help us with voice acting, I’ve made a tool that will make that a lot easier.

Check out forums for more info…


Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-10-25 11:37:57 | Posted in: Downloads
Debug mode enabling...

This debug feature which I found in Arcanum executable while researching it a year and half ago, allows you to see debug messages generated by Arcanum engine.

These messages will be very helpful for somebody who wants to know how Arcanum works or who wants to make some engine patches…

All messages will be printed into console which will be created by Arcanum after startup, it will also write all messages into external file called ”debug.txt” which will be create in main Arcanum directory.

To enable this mod, double click on file ”enabledebug.reg” and import registry, to disable double click on file ”disabledebug.reg”, and confirm import as well.





Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-09-17 00:46:41 | Posted in: Research
MatchMaker2 v0.1 Released!

Wanna play Arcanum online again? Install new Matchmaker and you can play Arcanum online again!

More info at forums visit.


Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-08-12 19:42:00 | Posted in: MultiMatch
Arcanum Editor - qtScribe v0.7

And here it is.

qtScribe, all-in-one tool for editing most files used by ”Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura”.
Included is support for .scr (Arcanum scripts), .proto, .mes and basic support for .dlg.

Latest version is 0.7, Linux and win32 builds included.

Grab it here.

Posted by radzh | Posted on 2009-07-29 18:02:34 | Posted in: Downloads
MultiArcanum v0.1

Few days ago, first version of MultiArcanum has been released, check out original thread for more info.


Posted by Crypton | Posted on 2009-07-27 14:59:46 | Posted in: MultiPlayer
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